The Unique Approach of Pilates
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The Unique Approach of Pilates

25 enero 2013

The Unique Approach of Pilates


If you really want to enjoy your life, keep your body strong and exercise regularly. Exercise is known to improve immunity, protect against depression and make you feel good in your skin. Pilates is a great way to exercise and many people use it to get a “dancer’s body.” This gentle yet powerful option is known for its lengthening and strengthening techniques, consisting of small, precise movements performed on the floor or on special Pilates equipment. Pilates is not just for dancers, however. It’s great for anyone seeking a stronger relationship with their mind and body. Pilates can be done by almost anyone of any age.


Be sure to dress appropriately. An appropriate active comfort bra and loose fitting capri pants make the perfect combination.
Here are the six principles of Pilates as set out by Joseph Pilates. As you read through each one, you might notice there is a great deal of focus on concentration. Pilates is a mind body exercise and will do much to enrich your physical well being. It may also help you to become more focused and better able to concentrate in your day to day life.

This principle asks you to focus on the midpoint of your body. The area between your ribs and pubic bone is an area of most strength home to your internal powerhouse. In Pilates, all of your energy is sourced from center.

According to this principle, it is important to focus, bringing your full concentration to each exercise. The quality of your concentration will allow you to realize the results you desire. This means that both your body and mind should be fully engaged throughout the workout. It is through concentration and relaxed focus that you can create the maximum benefit.

Unlike other exercises, Pilates requires you to control the movements of all your muscles.

Every Pilates exercise includes ideal placement and alignment of your body in motion. The equipment also provides different ranges of motion, further shaping and sculpting the body in beautiful ways.

According to Joseph Pilates, it is important to breathe deeply and naturally during the exercises.

This principle suggests you work sequentially and gracefully as you progress through your workout. With practice the exercises become easy and fluid.
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